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What is co_bots?
co_bots is a single-player game where you cooperate with yourself in order to solve difficult puzzles! 

How do you play?
Your input is recorded as you control the co_bots one by one. The next round your previous co_bot will act on its own, and you have to cooperate with it in order to reach the goal. The amount of co_bots (and goals) vary from level to level. 

An XBOX-controller is recommended, but keyboard also works. 

The current version of the game is in an early alpha state, so a lot of features are incomplete or missing. We are six students who are developing this game in our spare time while studying at university. We would love to release more features and content, so if you want more please show your support by commenting, following us on twitter, or donating. :)



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I was finally able to donate, keep up the good work guys :D.  

Sincerely, That one guy who found your first bug and beat the last level at that one bar :)


Thank you so much! It was really fun seeing you guys play the game. ^^


So much fun!


Awesome concept and great execution. Didn't experience any bugs or unexpected behaviour. Heres some feedback i thought of when playing through all the great levels. 

  • I didn't realize that you could restart the current robot until about halfway through all the levels when i pressed escape for the first time. A designated key and accompanied UI like "End Turn 'B' " could probably fix that.
  • At the last few levels i noticed there was color-coded lamppost-like structures signaling which button did what. This is great but i think it needs to be clarified even further through more clear illustration or maybe a tutorial would be enough. At times it wasn't really clear what button did what at first. 
  • Some more or less obvious things that you probably already thought of or are planning to do;
    volume-control, some kind of summary when the player completes a level (show #of datachips collected and a try again and continue buttons perhaps), when adding future levels, perhaps you could have different stages/areas, the first one being the pond or something like that.

I'm aware that it's still in alpha but i really think you're onto something here and i wish you the best of luck. And remember, if something isn't mentioned/critiqued, it's probably perfect (for example the visual and auditory experience).


Thanks for the feedback! We agree with all those things. Some features we have planned are: options menu (including audio control), end-of-level summary screen, and eventually more areas/zones with different themes. So you are pretty much spot on. ^^


As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!