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I loved it! It felt so nice to play and game me a Jak & Daxter vibe with how colorful and lively the world was. Great work :D

Thanks! ^^

I really enjoyed the game I hope you keep working on it!


Amazing game so far. I have a really crappy laptop and i could run it pretty good. now obviously later on if you guys keep going on this have settings for mouse, controllers, etc. But so far AMAZING keep up the good work.

Thank you! :D

check out my gameplay if youd like? :D

Thanks for playing! The controls are a bit finicky when using keyboard and mouse since the game was primarily developed for controllers. 


I really like a lot of what's goin on here but something doesn't feel right and I suspect it has to do with the  movement and perception of depth, full details at the end of the vid!


Thanks for the feedback! We agree with most of what you said. The very harsh learning curve is partly due to this being a 10 minute game and we wanted to fit some difficult platforming in there. ^^

I suspect the robots have stolen the blueprints. I hope we'll get to see if that's true in a future update. :)


Thanks for playing. It was really fun to watch! ^^

Glad you like it. :) 

Great little project guys. good Luck


Thank you! :D